Safety On

Ensuring safety on the trail

  • All climbers are fitted in a full body harness
  • Minimum 120 cm height to climb with a adult chaperone
  • Minimum 140 cm height climb alone
  • SkyTrail cannot accommodate climbers weighing more than 130kgs
  • Good physical condition is required
  • Shorts or pants recommended
  • Closed toe footwear is required (shoes hire available)
  • Lockers available for all phones, wallets, keys, & belongings
  • Climbers must follow all staff instructions please
  • Running, jumping or deliberately falling is not acceptable
  • Eating, smoking, drinking, fine after you have finished
  • Climbing is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant,  has a heart condition, has has recent injuries or surgery, back or neck problems.

All our climbers will be given a safety talk prior to going up the SkyTrail and will be attached, via their harnesses to the overhead rail. This connection cannot be disconnected until the climber comes back to ground level.

Our harnesses are a patented closed-tracking safety system, allowing climbers to take the challenge to traverse through the thrilling Sky Trail Ropes Course, daring to defy gravity!

We take safety seriously.

The participant safety system consists of a full body harness and a sling line. SkyTrail has a continuous belay overhead tracking system that prevents climbers from disconnecting their sling line from the course at any time. The climber’s sling line is inserted into the overhead track before they leave the ground, and it cannot be unhooked from the system until they are back on the ground.

A certified operator is responsible for hooking and unhooking the participants. The safety system also prevents a participant from falling any more than 15cm if they slip off of an activity. This allows you to self-rescue, step back on the element and continue to move through the course. Climbers traverse each element by walking, balancing or climbing. This unique system allows climbers to choose their path through the course and have the ability to pass other participants at each platform.

Always attached to a safety line means that you are safe at all times and having a qualified instructor at all times ready to either lend a helping hand or provide that little bit of support allows you to concentrate on having fun.

SkyTrail is open during wet weather, but activities may be cancelled in cases of heavy winds or lightning.