Climb On

Harness Up... head up... high up!

SkyTrial climbing is open to any age over 120cm tall. If you’re between 120cm – 140 cm you need an adult climber with you as your chaperone.

There are 34 climbing challenges. See how many ways you can climb and make it across all of them? Want to go around again? Now do it with no hands?

All our climbers are given a safety talk prior to going up SkyTrail and you will be attached, via your harness, to the overhead rail. This connection cannot be disconnected until you come back to ground level.

SkyTrail is over 10 metres high and elements vary in degree of difficulty, so you will continue to be challenged.

Please plan to arrive 15 minute earlier than your booked session and allow just over 1 hour to complete your SkyTrail experience.

SkyTrail offers climbers the opportunity to do something physical, to challenge themselves and overcome fears.