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Phillip Island, Skytrail

Please note: As per government directive, SkyTrail will be closed until further notice. We are grateful for your support & appreciate your understanding at this time. We look forward to welcoming you to A Maze’N Things when things have calmed down.

Take up the challenge at Phillip Island SkyTrail. It’s the newest concept in high rope courses and is the first of its kind in Victoria. SkyTrail is an adventure that fits almost every age and is very family friendly.

All climbers are fitted with a state of the art full body harness which is attached to the structure when at ground level, and cannot be detached until the climber gets back down to the ground.

Phillip Island SkyTrail high ropes course consists of horizontally strung cables, ropes, boards and other materials secured between 10 metre steel poles. There are 34 challenges, and thrills of manoeuvring through the varying elements.

If you are looking for a family activity, team building opportunity, an adrenaline rush or an exciting rope climbing experience, look no further than Phillip Island SkyTrail.